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I'm Tiffany. 



I'm a content creator and communications expert based in London.

With my trusty laptop (okay, okay... and a cup of coffee), I create strategic marketing content that tells stories, keeps readers engaged, and turns leads into conversions no matter the product or sector.

At both corporate powerhouses and small businesses, I'm a pro at communications management, content creation, and design strategy. Overall, I'm an adept marketing professional who enjoys helping clients achieve online presence and build their brands across all platforms and formats. 

Check out the rest of my story below and stop by my resume and portfolio pages to get an idea of the quality content I can draft for you and your company. 

Carnaby Street, London

As an American expat in London, my writing reflects both international experience and an admiration of British life and culture that mixes well with all types of audiences. Regardless of the subject, I capture the mood and tone you're searching for to define yourself as an executive, corporation, or brand. 

Not to brag, but living permanently in London makes inspiration for design and content endless.


What can I say? I married the right Brit and my dreams came true. 

Content Strategy

Communications Management 

Content Creation

Email Design 


Copywriting & Blogging

Editing & Proofreading


Public Speaking & Training


Video Script Writing & Production


Design Strategy & Curation

Technical Writing

Social Media Marketing 


Project Management 


Public Relations


Event Coordination

Dallas, Texas, USA

In Dallas, I expanded my portfolio by technical writing for a software company, gained skills in social media marketing for clients across a variety of sectors, and broke through into marketing management for an anti-aging pharmacy.  

I added agency experience to my resume by copywriting for dental marketing firm, picked up some graphic design skills, and even edited a fiction novel that made the Amazon Editor's Picks list. 

I kept working full time and I went back to school, too. Each week, I wrote 20,000 engaging words about teeth and managed to cram two years of collegiate work into three semesters at the same time. I graduated from TWU with a 4.0 and obtained my Bachelor's degree with concentrations in English, Business, and Health Studies. That overachiever spirit follows me wherever I go. 

Then, my husband and I got married and moved to England four days later to start our life together overseas.  

I had to make a trip back to the USA in 2018 and I landed a fantastic position as a Strategic IT Communications Manager. With this opportunity, I created and managed an internal brand, directed 360 marketing campaigns, conducted company-wide training sessions for Microsoft Office 365 products, and managed all IT communications. 

I delved into email and Sharepoint design, sharpening my HTML & CSS skills along with graphic design, and wrote for an audience of 1200 global employees. This contract position was supposed to last 2 months at most, but my skills and enthusiasm made it possible for me to stay with the company for over a year. Due to an amicable corporate merger, I'm now available for hire and would bring the same acumen and finesse to any position in any sector. 


Now, my communications, marketing and digital design repertoire is more robust than ever and it's time to branch out into a full time position in London. 

Click on my portfolio below for examples of the work I can do for you. 


You've waited long enough.


Cleveland, Ohio, USA

I'm originally from Ohio in the Midwest of The United States. 

If you visit The States, you're not missing much if you skip Ohio. Highlights include snow, cows, the formerly excellent Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team, and the National Football Hall of Fame (American style, that is).


Northeast Ohio isn't famous for much, but Lebron James (the basketball star) is from my hometown. He made his escape to LA and I, on the other hand, ended up in Dallas, TX, searching for sunny skies and more creative employment opportunity. Dallas did not disappoint. I even found love, too. 

The tough economy, dreary weather, and sparse job prospects create a tenacious attitude and strong work ethic in individuals from Ohio. Most people work like mad to leave the state for other opportunities and I always knew my small town outside Cleveland wasn't where I'd end up for good.


London via Dallas is definitely the right fit and I can't wait to see what this newest chapter in my career brings next, especially if I end up working for your company in London.  

"I'm really grateful for Tiffany's sharp eye and knowledge of style guidelines for multiple countries, as well as her deep understanding of point of view, voice, pacing, continuity and a plethora of other pitfalls I could have stumbled into without her brilliant editing skills.

It's been a joy to work with her and the rapid turnaround has kept me on schedule to get my novel published right on time."


"Her work product was [...] stellar.
At the end of the day, she was able to create a large library of communications in a wide variety of formats that were well received by the APS user community. On many occasions, she was able to take complex concepts and issues and produce training tools that were easily digested and drove actionable results by participants. She did all of this with relatively little oversight. 
I would highly recommend Tiffany." 
"Tiffany is an extremely talented and driven writer. Her talents at Vantage Agora will be missed." 

Allison Schumaker,

Marketing Manager at Vantage Agora

Dave Goessler,

former Chief Financial Officer of Automated Packaging Systems (now Sealed Air)

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